A short ebook for those who want to write modest JavaScript, and then focus on the other stuff that matters more.

At the time of writing, Edge is going to switch to Chromium, JavaScript is getting run on the server, is touted as the future of everything, is replacing native UIs and eating up batteries in exchange for developer productivity. The leading JavaScript framework, React, is sponsored by a company whose morality is on trial. Such is the state of modern js.

JavaScript developers have never had such a time in the spotlight. They’ve never had such an opportunity to build something new and be known. But given the size of the JavaScript universe, you’d think there would be more developers who are going against the grain, going for modesty. It seems the whole developer group is polarized too: you’re either transpiling some server-side-hydrated lazy-loaded components, or you’re still doing jQuery.

This book is for all that, by choice, are hanging out someplace else, where it’s a little less of a muscle-car race. It’s for companies choosing the customer over the tech stack, who choose business models that will outlast the next framework minor revision, and who write code that’s going to hold up well in 10 years.

Less about code, more about perspective

While this book will show examples of modest JavaScript, it’ll look at the bigger picture too:

I’m Pascal Laliberté, and I’ve been working on the web my whole career. If you’re like me, you have no desire to be a star developer. You just want to create a nicely-built product for people who will be happy to pay for it. You want to make stuff like a small shop owner would, or a craftsman would. Something to be proud of, that’s going to have some quirks that are unique, that are yours, and that will make you smile.

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