About the Author

Hi, I’m Pascal Laliberté.

I’ve spent my career advocating for the end-user, at working to make those who build, and those who make decisions on what to build, to consider the person using the product, the website, the software or the product. While doing so, I’ve taken the habit of listening for what the users don’t say out loud. And so I knew something wasn’t being said about today’s JavaScript practices.

I knew that there was an unstated discomfort with JavaScript, that a lot of people in the community attributed to things getting too complex. I was seeing a different side, rather, something that was missing: modesty in the JavaScript culture. And so I decided to talk about it.

What I do

I help online product owners sharpen their product: sharpen their understanding of the buyer in order to sharpen how the product gets communicated. I also help people who have a solo practice sharpen their own product: the services they themselves offer. In the end, I produce landing pages, research buyers and advise people on how to have sharp offerings. I center my work on the Jobs-To-Be-Done theory of buyer behavior by Clayton Christensen and others.

Maybe I can help you put together a freelance practice to help companies write modest JavaScript? Or maybe you’re convinced that you need to scale your product’s ambitions way down, and your problem is that you don’t know which of your products features really matter for the people who buy your product.

You can learn more about what I do at my website:
https://sharpen.page - A Product Sharpening Service.

You can also find me on Twitter @pascallaliberte.